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Post Season Team Awards

Posted by Parkway South Patriots Basketball at Mar 16, 2021 5:59PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Each post season the coaches at all seven levels vote on team awards. The following are award winners at each grade level:

Varsity Trsitan Brand
JV Mikey Kritchell
Freshman David Smith

Varsity Zach Davis
JV Drew Heimlich
Freshman Braden Eye

Most Improved
Varsity Ethan Hetzler
JV DeMonte Hurt
Freshman Semo Sleem
8th Grade Parker Wolf, Nate Drinkard
7th Grade Sam Amad, Lamont Foster
6th Grade Charlie Shaffer, Henry Mannion
5th Grade Jordan Heitz

Varsity Rhyan Shanklin
JV Sam Jones
Freshman Jimmy Wacker
8th Grade Mansa Lyons
7th Grade Austen Johnson
6th Grade Landon Faulstich
5th Grade Kyle Hill

MVP Offense
8th Grade Mansa Lyons, Lukas O’Neal
7th Grade Wyatt Simmons, Carson Brandt
6th Grade Ryan Hertlein, Landon Nickerson
5th Grade Brennan Boyer

MVP Defense
8th Grade Sam Duncan, Chase Kuhn
7th Grade John Tanurchis, Mitchell Lovergreen
6th Grade Oliver Siemer, Graham Rademeyer
5th Grade Ty Veltrop


Three of the five Jr. Patriots teams that entered the February 27th/28th CNR Tournament won medals in their brackets. The Eighth Grade Blue Team (pictured at left) took first place in the DeMar DeRozan Division with a 41-27 win over Lindbergh Elite Gold and a 45-25 win over Oakville. They fell 48-45 to the Lightning on Saturday but won the tie breaker over the Lightning and took the first place medal. The team has now won 6 out of the last 7 games and improved their overall record to 9-5-1.
The Eighth Grade Red team finished in second place in the Allen Houston Division! They had wins over Francis Howell North Black 49-21 and a 25-18 win over Triple Threat Blue.
The Seventh Grade Blue Team received a second place medal in the Hakeem Olajuwon Division with a 26-16 victory over Northwest and a 46-32 win over Lindbergh Elite Green.


Lafayette (Wildwood) vs Parkway South- Class 6 District 3 Boys’ District
Saturday, February 26, 2021
12:00 PM

Pay Per View Link $10:


Parkway South at Parkway Central
Thursday, February 25
JV 4:30 PM
Varsity 6:00 PM

Home team is allowed spectators only.

Parkway Central YouTube Channel live stream link:


Parkway South at Francis Howell North
JV 5:00

2 Spectators are allowed for both the away and home teams

Francis Howell North Live Stream Link: