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Team Roster

Posted by Mike Shanfeld at Sep 2, 2015 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

2018-19 5th Grade Roster


    Name      Position   School

30 Bielicke, Carter Forward Barretts

11 Corray, Diego Guard/Forward Wren Hollow

31 Delanty, Matthew Forward Carmen Trails

10 Foster, Lamont Guard     Sorrento Springs

2 Johnson, Zaden Guard Barretts

20 Jones, Tristan Forward Wren Hollow

15 Lovegreen, Mitchell Guard/Forward Wren Hollow

23 Mizerny, Aaron Guard Wren Hollow

25 Osterbur, Conner Guard/Forward Oak Brook

1 Plank, Corwin Center/Forward Sorrento Springs

22 Shanfeld, Tyler Guard/Forward Wren Hollow

12 Sidwell, Jacob Center/Forward Sorrento Springs

14 Simmons, Wyatt Forward Carmen Trails

55 Stewart, Elliott Guard Sorrento Springs

50 Tanurchis, John Guard/Forward Sorrento Springs

32 Wacker, Luke Guard Sorrento Springs

13 Wagner, Jacob Guard Wren Hollow

24 Williams, Grant Forward Sorrento Springs

5 Willis, Rashad Center/Forward Carmen Trails

0 Wohldmann, Luke Forward Sorrento Springs





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Posted by Mike Shanfeld at Aug 24, 2015 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Junior Patriot Basketball Tryout Information


Dates -5th grade Tryouts-September 12th 5:30-5:45-Registration, 5:45-6:00-Parent meeting, 6:00-7:30-Tryouts

6th grade Tryouts-September 12th 7:00-7:15-Registration, 7:15-7:30-Parent meeting, 7:30-9:00-Tryouts

7th grade Tryouts-September 19th 5:30-5:45-Registration, 5:45-6:00-Parent meeting, 6:00-7:30-Tryouts

8th grade Tryouts-September 19th 7:00-7:15-Registration, 7:15-7:30-Parent meeting, 7:30-9:00-Tryouts

Registration- Registration can be done by clicking on this link (, mailing in ahead of time by clicking on the handout link or you can register at the door before tryouts.

Mission statement - To develop skilled, knowledgeable, and competitive basketball players with winning attitudes and good sportsmanship that are capable of meeting the demands of high school basketball at Parkway South.

Expectations of players and teams -

1. Players are always expected to give their best.

2. Teams are encouraged to play and practice throughout the year in leagues and tournaments.

3. Since practice is essential to skill development players are expected to attend all practices. Practice is more beneficial than the games.

4.  If you are playing on more than one basketball team, the Jr. Patriots team needs to be the priority.   

5. Families that accept the invitation for their son to join the team are expected to pay all fees on the first day of practice.

Evaluation Process -

1. Athleticism - Speed, strength, quickness, jumping ability, etc.

2. Skill - Dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, etc.

3. Conceptualization - Understanding of how all the parts of the whole game fit together.

4. Coachability - Ability to learn and implement individual and team skills.

5. Attitude / Effort - Positive winning attitude and strong work ethic.

League and Tournament Information - Teams will play in at least one area league and at least three tournaments. Teams are encouraged to play throughout the year. This will be determined on a team by team and coach by coach basis.

Practice Times - There will be two or three practices a week starting late October/early November. Coaches will be in contact with team members when the teams are set for exact dates.

Fees - $ 350.00*

Roster Posted- Those that make the team will see their name posted on the website the morning of September 22nd.

The fee is due on the first day of practice. Fee will cover the cost of uniforms, one league entry fee, three tournaments, gym time, and other equipment costs.

*If you are a returning player and your jersey and shorts still fit from last season, your fee is $300.  If you need a new jersey and shorts the cost is $350.  There will be a uniform fitting if you need a new uniform on Monday, October 1st from 6:00pm-7:00pm in Gym A at Parkway South.