Parkway South comes up short despite Eddie Ahearn's strong performance

Posted by Parkway South Patriots Basketball on Mar 01 2024 at 05:49PM PST

Parkway South comes up short despite Eddie Ahearn’s strong performance
Recap: Parkway South Patriots vs. Marquette Mustangs
By MaxPreps
Mar 1, 2024, 11:56am

The Parkway South Patriots lost against the Marquette Mustangs back in February of 2022, and unfortunately they wound up with the same result on Thursday. Parkway South ended up on the wrong side of a tough 53-31 walloping at the hands of Marquette. Parkway South was in a tough position after the first half, with the score already sitting at 37-14.

When it comes to explaining why Parkway South lost, one person who can’t be blamed is Eddie Ahearn. Despite the final result, he scored 12 points along with six rebounds. That was a full 38.7% of Parkway South’s points, marking the third time in a row he’s earned more than a third of the team’s points.

Parkway South has not been sharp recently as the team has lost five of their last six matchups, which put a noticeable dent in their 10-17 record this season. As for Marquette, the victory got them back to even at 13-14.

Parkway South does not have any more games scheduled. Marquette will play Kirkwood Saturday afternoon at Parkway South.

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