Three Jr. Patriots Teams Win Medals

Posted by Parkway South Patriots Basketball on Feb 28 2021 at 07:44PM PST

Three of the five Jr. Patriots teams that entered the February 27th/28th CNR Tournament won medals in their brackets. The Eighth Grade Blue Team (pictured at left) took first place in the DeMar DeRozan Division with a 41-27 win over Lindbergh Elite Gold and a 45-25 win over Oakville. They fell 48-45 to the Lightning on Saturday but won the tie breaker over the Lightning and took the first place medal. The team has now won 6 out of the last 7 games and improved their overall record to 9-5-1.
The Eighth Grade Red team finished in second place in the Allen Houston Division! They had wins over Francis Howell North Black 49-21 and a 25-18 win over Triple Threat Blue.
The Seventh Grade Blue Team received a second place medal in the Hakeem Olajuwon Division with a 26-16 victory over Northwest and a 46-32 win over Lindbergh Elite Green.


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